One-stop service for health products and imported cosmetics

In Japan and Taiwan to help you create their own OEM and ODM brand, from the establishment of the company, brand registration, product manufacturing, import approval and import and export declarations, etc.

You are the premier Chinese brand in China, but if you have a foreign brand to enrich your brand line, you will be more powerful and your performance will soar.

To help you create your own brand in foreign countries, without having to worry about the agent of foreign brands Finally, it is to help people open up the market, with the lowest cost of owning their own brands and developing their own markets.


Efficacy test

Food: Taiwan health food 13items effect, China health food 23items effect etc.
Cosmetics: moisturizing, bright, whitening, elastic, anti-wrinkle, full face dressing, sunscreen etc.
medical equipment: is being added
Drugs: Alzheimer's disease



Safety test

Genotoxicity (Salmonella response mutations, chromosomal abnormalities, rodent micronuclei, etc.)
1. Single / repeated dose toxicity test
2. carcinogenic / teratogenic test
3. Reproductive toxicity test
4. Biocompatibility
5. Sterilization test
6. Skin allergy / irritation / light sensitivity test
7. Eye irritation test
8. Human safety test