Functional Food


When listing in Taiwan, it is important to note that all food edible ingredients or packaging labels have specific specifications,must comply with the norms to market, otherwise there will be penalties.

If you are not familiar with the specifications or wish to have professional assistance pre-trial ingredients or packaging instructions to determine compliance with the specifications,you can seek help with us.

While clarifying the product in which the norms of jurisdiction, can be further for the relevant inspection and registration.

Food Ingredient / Marking Legitimacy Assessmen
Non-traditional raw material application
Food examine Registration Assessment / Planning
Enter ingot capsules for food inspection registration / extension / change
Special Nutritional Food Examine Registration / Extension / Change
Health foodHealth Food (small green man) - track one and track two examine registration / extension / change
Experiment design / planning / supervision




In China, the law can be so numerous, concerning for the long-term development of each enterprises, the investors are more eager to focus on the new development of new markets, and often happens that when the investors are not familiar with the laws and regulations in certain regions, it would turn out to be that the investors lose the opportunities or hesitate to go on investing the new markets due to the potential risks and uncertain elements.

GLB Shanghai Branch has been established in China for many years to provide quality services to the whole national industries, combined with the local investment in the distribution channels, and also provide a comprehensive and complete services.


Food Examine Registration Assessment / Planning
Health food registration (blue hat) / extension / change
Health food for the record (vitamins, minerals) / extension / change
Infant formula milk powder Recipe / registration / extension / change
New resource food application / extension / change
Experiment design / planning / supervision




The United States does not have a health food registration system, if the product is a health food or contains innovative raw materials, you can seek professional advice to help dealing with. While clarifying the norms of which products in the jurisdiction, whether to carry out the relevant inspection registration.


US(NDI, new dietary ingredient) registration / extension / change
US(GRAS, generally recognized as safe) List of registration / extension / change
US FDA Factory Registration / Extension / Change




Due to the newly revised management of health food through the pharmaceutical law, commodity labeling, health promotion laws and regulations such as strict norms, a variety of classified products disappeared, as well as the consumer's emphasis on food safety and other factors, Ministry of  Welfare for health food to give relevant measures.


(FOSHU) Registration / Extension / Change
(FNFC) Registration / Extension / Change
Japanese functional representation of food Registration / Extension / Change
Experiment design / planning / supervision